A Silent Forest

A Silent Forest was a collaborative effort by four non-profit organizations: Earth Links, Three Americas, Raindancer Media, and Global Justice Ecology Project. It was produced by Three Americas and directed and edited by Ed Schehl of Raindancer Media. Ed has directed documentary videos on diverse environmental and social justice issues, from watershed protection, to the defense of indigenous land, to ocean health. His award-winning documentary, “Food for Thought,” on genetically engineered food, came out in 1999, before the mainstream media had begun to cover the potential health risks, environmental hazards, and growing opposition to genetic engineering.

The DVD, in English, Spanish and Chinese, is a valuable aid in the campaign to control the commercial development and release of genetically engineered trees and GMO agriculture in general.  Included is guidance on how people can get more information and become involved on local, national, and international levels: A Silent Forest is a critical organizing tool and a key component in public education and movement building. Volunteers have made it possible to provide subtitled versions in Spanish and Chinese. Also included is a preview of WORLD RAINFOREST MOVEMENT’S “Green Invasion,” which concerns the international campaign to oppose the imposition of large-scale monoculture tree plantations on southern countries by mainly northern pulp and paper industries.

Awards: EarthVision Environmental Film Festival (2005) Winner;  Official Selection at Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival (2006); Official Selection at Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival (2007).

Length: 46 min.

A note from Ed Schehl, Director, Raindancer Media

I have been making environmental documentaries for more than 20 years.   When I made  Food for Thought  in 1998 it was one of the first videos to tell the story of GMO foods and their dangers.  Then  Raindancer  Media, Global Justice Ecology Project, Three Americas and Earth Links came together in 2007 to produce  A Silent Forest  in which Canadian Scientist David Suzuki passionately and eloquently warned that GE trees could be developed and  released if we were not vigilant. Now with GE trees in the ground for testing and the pending release of many genetically engineered tree species, it is time to commit to update  A Silent Forest and bring  its cautionary tale into  the present with our new film Synthetic Forests.