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Synthetic Forests – The Dangers of Genetically Modified Trees

Although largely unknown Corporations are rapidly expanding the development of genetically modified trees, planting GMO trees in test plots and preparing for the impending wholesale release of these trees into our environment.

GE trees in the ground and growing now range from Eucalyptus and Poplar trees being grown for biofuel and paper, to Papaya, Apple and Chestnut as food for our table.

What effect will breathing Genetically Modified Pollen or eating these GMO foods have on our heath?  Once released how will these GE Trees force us to breathe and eat these genetically modifications against our will?  Can we ever remove toxins once they enter our forests and food supplies through the spread of genetically modified pollen or seeds spread through wind and water.

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Millions of people have decided to say NO to GMOs and are seeking the chance to choose non-GMO foods though labeling and buying organic.  But pollen drift will take that choice away.

GE trees have been genetically modified for Accelerated growth and Herbicide-resistance.  They can damage soils and water, increase chemical use, poison wildlife and kill beneficial insects.  Human are subject to these negative effects as are wildlife and plants.

Combined, these effects would bring about the loss of millions of acres of native forests, replaced by plantations of cloned trees with a loss of insects, wildlife and understory plants.  Growing at an accelerated rate, they are capable of rapidly denuding the soil and diminish groundwater leading to desertification.  These trees can have a huge competitive advantage over their wild relatives.  Because many genetically engineered tree plantations will likely be placed in tropical forests, the impacts of genetically engineered trees on local indigenous communities will be especially severe, disrupting their intimate relation with native forests, and the economic benefits they receive from their traditional activities in the forests.

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“Synthetic Forests” gives us the information and questions that we need to make choices based on independent, sound science and not on short-term profits.  Many countries around the world have banned GMO food, want more research done and see current crops as dangerous.  How will these countries stop wind blown pollen from GMO trees or unwanted seeds that contaminate their native forests and fruit trees.  This could be irreversible contamination…

The “Synthetic Forests” video project aids  larger campaigns to ban the commercial development of genetically engineered trees whether for biofuel plantations, paper, or food. The video will include information on how people can learn more about genetically engineered trees and will be a key component in public education on this largely unknown issue.

We all need to see the see GE trees for what they are, a dangerous dream driven by profits.   We can choose whether orchards, native forests and natural ecosystems are replaced by GE trees and GE Forests.


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